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What’s colorful and silly, squeaky and funny? Balloon sculptures, of course!

Balloon Shark

Monkey on a Tree

Flower with Ladybug

There is nothing like a bunch of colorful balloons twisted up into a creative shape to brighten the face of a child... or any adult that‘s a child at heart for that matter. Whatever the occasion, Silly Willy the Clown can make it more inviting and entertaining to all of your guests with a huge array of balloon creations. Kids go crazy for his giant silly hats, flowers, bracelets, laser guns, swords with belts, princess wands with hearts, teddy bears, aliens, elephants on circus balls and many more. Children and adults alike love to watch him twist away as the balloon creations seem to literally come out of nowhere and transform a roomful of kids into a magical rainbow of color.
Besides the balloon twisting itself, Silly Willy is a comedian who keeps the kids laughing as he twists up these unique shapes. Of course, as a good roll model, he emphasizes his own “please and thank you‘s” when asking a child to help hold a balloon as he twists or for a magical puff of air to blow up a doggy tail. That’s something you don’t get with any old entertainer.

Large events such as festivals, fairs and grand openings where only balloon twisting is needed is no problem for Silly Willy. Armed with an air tank and an endless supply of balloons, Silly Willy works fast and efficiently which means more people served and more balloons twisted at your event. When you hire Silly Willy to twist balloons at your next event, you can be sure people will be talking about it endlessly, so that your event will be something to be remembered long after it ends.